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Alcohol Rehab CA And The Holidays

Getting through the hard times of depending on alcohol can be rough no matter what time of year it is. Yet the holidays can be a very difficult time. For those without family and friends, alcohol may be a crutch due to depression or feeling alone. They may drink in order to help numb those feelings that they don't belong or they don't have any events to enjoy.

If this is the case, getting out there and interacting with people is important. It can be meeting new people at the mall or at a social function. It can be volunteering at local community events where you can meet people who share your passion to help others. You can interact with people from AA or a sponsor to help you get through those very hard times during the holidays.

Due to the celebrations that take place around the holidays, alcohol may be more abundantly out in the open. For someone who has been through alcohol rehab CA, this can be hard to ignore. The willpower it takes to walk by the bar and get another beverage is extremely hard. Being around other people at the event who are walking around with drinks or smell like booze can prove to be too much.

For someone in such a situation, it may be important to limit social events around the holidays when there will be alcohol offered. If you aren't sure, you can call the person who sent you the invitation and ask them. If you really want to go to the event, go early because people will be less likely to drink as much then. As the event progresses though alcohol use will increase. You may need to plan to go home early to avoid it.

Try to go to such events with someone who doesn't drink. They can be your support system during the event. They can make sure you don't slip up and reach for a drink. They can help you make a quick exit if you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed after alcohol rehab CA.

Do your best to enjoy the holidays in spite of the alcohol issue. Make good memories and create some traditions. Spend time with people you love and care about. They will help you get through the tough times. Talk to a professional counselor or a trusted friend if you feel you have a huge weight on your shoulders. You don't have to get through all of it alone. If you find you just haven't been able to avoid alcohol, being admitted to an alcohol rehabilitation center over the holidays may be a good idea.

It isn't going to be the same as being with your family but it can be a new start for you. It can be the path you need to ensure the following holiday season is one where you can enjoy it alcohol free. The key is to know yourself, to know your triggers, and to have a wonderful support system to get you through the tough days.

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